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Committed to patient and clinician safety

You’ll find B. Braun has a long record of commitment to maintaining both patient and clinician safety. We deliver innovative, high-quality safety products and services that are environmentally responsible.

Here are a few breakthrough products that have made healthcare throughout the world safer:

  • The Introcan Safety® IV Catheter minimizes needlestick injuries by incorporating a passive design that can only be activated by the user.
  • The needle-free Ultrasite® valves are universally compatible with Luer slip and Luer lock connectors. They increase the safety of virtually any intravenous procedure.
  • B. Braun oral dispensers make dosing oral liquid medication easy, safe and precise by reducing the risk of errors.

For more than 170 years, B. Braun has been a leader in innovative design, engineering and manufacturing of medical devices. We continue to lead the healthcare industry by continually improving our safety products and promoting best practices. Let our commitment to patient and caregiver safety be one of your keys to success.

Not all products are registered and approved for sale in all countries or regions. Please contact your country representative for product availability.